Organic Lawn Care

Darren, a lawn expert, treating a lawn

A Fantastic-Looking Lawn

If you’re looking to transform your lawn and keep it looking healthy and fresh all year round without the need for chemicals or synthetics then our organic lawn care programme is exactly what you need. 

Our organic lawn care range is suitable for all lawns and is ideal for those with waterways, pond life and vegetable plots. As well as being popular with families and pet lovers our organic treatments are great at improving the overall quality of the soil.

We can still combat moss, break down thatch and get your lawn looking fantastic with our organic lawn care. You can have a lawn that not only looks good but you can feel good about your impact on the environment. 

A lawn mower used over an organic lawn with bushes in the background

Organic Lawn Care Process 

With every lawn that we tend to, we always ensure that our processes are comprehensive to keep your lawn looking and feeling in peak condition. We also ensure that everything is done as environmentally friendly as possible, which includes: 

🌱 ㅤOnly using organic products that don’t contain any chemicals or synthetics

🌱 ㅤRemove any moss and weeds

🌱   Clean up and remove any debris

🌱 ㅤBreak down thatch

🌱 ㅤLawn overseeded

🌱 ㅤFertiliser Applied

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Organic Lawn Care Service Areas

Our world-class organic lawn care service is available to anyone based across Cheshire, Stockport, Wirral and North Wales. This includes Tarporley, Chester, Wilmslow, Knutsford, Malpas, Altrincham, Whitchurch, Nantwich, and other towns in the nearby area.

And here’s something handy: we offer an initial free lawn analysis, so get in touch to arrange a visit.

    Care For Your Lawn and The Environment

    Our organic lawn care is very similar to standard lawn care procedures; the only difference is that we use 100% organic fertilisers and other lawn care products. So you’ll get the same fantastic results but without worrying about your impact on the environment. The only downside is that you’ll need to dig out any unwanted weeds yourself!

    Having said that from experience you can help keep weeds to a minimum through scarification, aeration and cutting your lawn well and regularly. Overseeding will also help to force out any weeds whilst keeping the lawn thick and lush.

    Our expert lawn care team will be happy to look at your lawn and give their advice on the best course of action. It’s quick and easy to book a free lawn analysis with us either by filling in the form above or getting in touch with us over the phone at 01829 309 169.

    Organic Lawn Care FAQs

    How Do You Care For The Lawn Organically After Treatment? 

    Having an excellent mechanical programme to regularly scarify and hollow tine the lawn is pivotal to a healthy lawn. These processes will help in the removal of moss and lead to a thicker denser sward to naturally push out any unwanted weeds. A good mow is an important part of the process. See our top tips for more information.

    Is There An Organic Way To Kill Weeds? 

    We can’t treat weeds chemically with our organic programme. Any weeds should be carefully removed from the lawn.  Over time our organic treatment will provide all the nutrients that the grass needs to naturally start pushing out any unwelcome moss or weeds.

    Is Organic Lawn Fertiliser Safe For Dogs?

    Organic fertiliser is harmful to ingest directly, but it is not harmful to your pets other than that. Typically once organic fertilisers have been used, they have a shorter wait time than typical fertilisers before pets can be exposed to them.

    What is The Best Organic Matter for Lawns?

    The best organic matter for lawns is definitely mulch, but there are a number of alternatives you can use. These can include things such as composted food,  tree leaves, grass clippings and wood chips or barks.

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