Overseeding a Lawn

Young, Fresh and Vibrant-Looking Lawn

Does your lawn look thin and unhealthy? Does it get easily overtaken by weeds in the summer months? While there are multiple factors that might be contributing to this, there’s one thing you can do to help: get your lawn overseeded.

Overseeding helps give your lawn the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy. Just like we need vitamins and minerals to fight off illness and disease, your lawn can repel weeds and insects with the help of seeds.

Benefits of Overseeding Your Lawn

🌱 Thickens grass density.

🌱 Improves the colour of the grass and gives it a fresh look.

🌱 Reduces the negative impact of the cold months and dry summer.

🌱 Helps push out unwanted weeds.

🌱 Repels pests without the need for using chemicals.

🌱 Reduces erosion and soil loss.

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Lawn Overseeding Service Areas

If you’re based in Cheshire, Wirral, Stockport or North Wales, then we’re on hand to come over and take a look at your lawn. Some of the towns where our lawn overseeding services are available include Chester, Tarporley, Wilmslow, Malpas, Whitchurch, Knutsford, Nantwich, Altrincham, Wrexham and other towns in the area.

Have a look at the map or give us a call and we’ll let you know if we operate where you are.

    Seeds Full of Nutrients

    When overseeding lawns, we only use the highest quality grass seeds. The seeds are vigorously tested against a variety of conditions, including cold, shade, drought and disease as well as rapid establishment.

    We’ve worked on over 1000 lawns, so our team will ensure the seeds we use are tailored to your specific lawn needs. All you need to do is keep the seeds well watered to aid germination. 

    My Lawn Tip: the best results are achieved if you carry out overseeding after scarifying or aerating your lawn. This is because the seeds make the best contact with the soil following those care services.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by email at info@my-lawn.co.uk or by phone on 01829 309 169. Our experts can answer any questions you may have and give you further advice.

    Overseeding Lawns FAQs

    What Exactly is Lawn Overseeding?

    Overseeding a lawn involves adding new grass seeds on top of your existing lawn. This helps thicken the grass, gives it a fresher look and even helps repel weeds and pests..

    When is the Best Time to Overseed a Lawn?

    Spring and early Autumn is the best time for overseeding your lawn. That’s because the lawn is actively growing then, so providing it with those nutrients will help it grow healthy.

    How Do I Prepare My Lawn for Overseeding?

    Before having your lawn overseeded, it will need to be aerated or scarified. This means thatch and other dead organic debris need to be removed from it before overseeding. This will ensure the best possible results.

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