Lawn Scarification

A garden with a well-kept lawn that's been scarified and treated

Fresh and Fabulous Lawn 

Is your lawn looking dead and dull? Have you got an unwanted layer of thatch, moss or other organic material on your garden surface? If your lawn is experiencing these problems you might need lawn scarification. 

Lawn scarification, or de-thatching, removes any organic material such as moss or thatch from the garden surface. The treatment helps to remove any growth that was preventing healthy grass from growing due to suffocating it from nutrients and water, allowing the grass to grow strong and healthy.

Lawn aerator machine

Benefits of Lawn Scarification 

🌱 Promotes healthy dense grass growth 

🌱 Improves the colour of the grass and gives it a fresh look.

🌱 Creates a neat and tidy-looking lawn

🌱 Makes your lawn more drought and wear tolerant 

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Lawn Scarification Service Areas

If you’re located in Wirral, Cheshire, Stockport, or North Wales, you’re in luck; we provide coverage for your area. Get in touch and we’ll promptly arrange a visit to inspect your lawn.

Our lawn care services extend to residents of Chester, Whitchurch, Tarporley, Wilmslow, Macclesfield, Knutsford, Nantwich, Altrincham, Sale, and other surrounding towns.

    Why Get Your Lawn Scarified Professionally?

    Lawn scarification can be a back-breaking task, especially when completing it manually. At My Lawn, we use professional commercial-grade scarifiers to remove the thatch and other dead organic debris that builds up in your lawn. We always take the time to adjust our scarifiers before starting work on your lawn to get the best possible results. 

    We’ve worked on over 1000 lawns so you can ensure we have the knowledge and experience to achieve fantastic results. 

    Unlike many lawn care companies, we’re happy to take the waste away with us so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess. In most cases, we also recommend having your lawn scarified at least annually to ensure your lawn is looking and feeling as healthy as possible.

    Book a Free Lawn Scarification Analysis

    We can tailor a lawn care programme to meet your needs and affordability with treatments starting from as little as £20. We offer a number of services for all lawn types from scarification to renovation and overseedingOur experienced lawn experts would be delighted to have a look at your lawn, It’s quick and easy to book your free lawn analysis using the form below.

      Lawn Scarification FAQs

      What to Do after Lawn Scarification? 

      After scarifying your lawn the process will naturally reduce the amount of grass you have. This is why it’s important to do these four processes to help improve the recovery process of your lawn:

      🌱 overseeding it

      🌱 using a weed killer on any leftover moss or weeds

      🌱 aerating it

      🌱 fertilising it

      Can You Cut Grass after a Lawn Scarification?

      In short yes you can cut your lawn straight after scarification. Mowing your lawn actually allows you to remove any excess tufts of grass so you can properly see the state of your lawn. 

      How Long Does It Take for Grass to Heal after Scarification?

      As long as you properly maintain and apply appropriate aftercare to your lawn, the recovery process for scarification can be anywhere between 4-6 weeks. 

      Any questions? Get in touch now and we’d be more than happy to talk all things lawns!