Lawn Care Top Tips

Maintaining your professionally treated lawn

Maintaining your lawn and your garden as a whole is fun and rewarding. What could be nicer than eating a meal on a warm evening on the patio, surrounded by the fruits of your labour! It can be hard to know when and how to start maintaining your lawn, but we’re here to guide you through the process with some handy top tips.

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A patchy, thin-looking lawn can ruin the overall appearance of your garden. Lawn overseeding will give you a thicker, greener lawn. This means it not only looks better, but is in a much healthier condition. You might ask, why is my lawn patchy?

Over time your lawn can become dull and patchy. This means it’s probably time to have your lawn scarified. There are specific times of year to have your lawn scarified, spring and early autumn. So, when should I scarify my lawn?

Caring for your lawn is a year-round job. It requires attention to keep it looking at its best no matter what the season. With spring approaching, you might be wondering how to start treating your lawn, so how do you care for your lawn in spring? 

Caring for your lawn is a season-round job. It requires attention to keep it looking healthy despite the changing seasons. You might be concerned about how the colder months will affect your lawn. So, how do I care for my lawn this winter? 

With autumn approaching, you might have some concerns about how the colder weather, wetter ground or increased number of autumnal flora and fauna is going to affect your lawn. That’s why we thought it would be great to put out some of our top tips for lawn care this autumn period. These tips will guarantee your lawn will stay green and healthy throughout autumn and ensure it will come bouncing back come spring. 

Is your lawn looking a bit thin and sparse? Does it have a thatch layer on top of it? Then your lawn might be due a hollow tine aeration. In this blog, our experts at My Lawn give you top tips for when to aerate your lawn for a UK climate, how to aerate it effectively and what to do after your lawn has been aerated.

A good mow is the single most important means to a healthy Lawn. Here are some of the dos and donts to look out for: From spring through to the autumn cut your lawn weekly. Never cut more than a third off the grass when mowing as this can cause…

Lawns love a good drink and in the height of summer your lawn can easily dry out. Thinner grass types have really struggled during the hotter months and often left scorched. In the dry weather you may need to water your lawn two or three time per week…